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Disaster Plans of East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Specific Disaster Plans Select Below
Bioterrorism Response Plan
Code Black - Bomb Threat
Code Boy or Code Girl - Suspected Patient Elopement (Runaway)
Code E - Evacuation Plan
Code Gray - Tornado Procedure
Code Green - Security Procedure
Code Orange - Radiation Disaster - Triage Decontamination Procedures
Code Pink - Suspected Infant/Child Abduction
Code Purple - Hostage/Lockdown
Code Red - Fire Plan - ETCH Campus
Code Yellow/Orange (Addendum C) - Departmental Responsibilities
Code Yellow/Orange - Mass Casualty
Emergency Operations Plan
ETCH Incident Command Flowchart
Management of the Smallpox - Suspected Smallpox Patient
Response to Chemical Agent Procedure

Disaster Plan Policy and Purpose
Click Here to access East Tennessee Children's Hospital Emergency Operations Plan

Procedures/Critical Info
To Access Critical Information or Procedure Info Click Here